Simon wants a DNA test done in order to finally remove all doubt. Kate may never be Queen! PRINCE PHILIP'S brutal assessment of his son Prince Charles's affair with Camilla during his marriage to Princess Diana is laid bare in a new book about the Duke of Edinburgh. Her son, Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales), will eventually become king, which means his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will have to be called something else. It appeared that William and Harry were starting to warm up to their future stepmother in … Kate Middleton beware! The royal couple welcomed their first son, Prince William, in 1982 and their second son, Prince Harry, in 1984. Simon Dorante-Day claims he's the secret son of Charles and Camilla 26 Simon is now heading to Australia's high court Credit: Facebook Simon Dorante-Day, 53 - who lives in Australia - … 'I am Charles and Camilla's secret son' claims Australian bloke, 53 Simon Charles Dorante-Day, an engineer Queensland, Australia, claims that he is the second in line to the throne and says he has started legal proceedings to claim his 'birthright' Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly have a secret son named Simon Dorante-Day. Prince Charles revealed Harry's son was "not normal" and Meghan stopped pretending.. Why? August 1999: Camilla reportedly accompanied Charles and his sons on a trip to Greece. According to Andrew Morton's book, "Diana," Charles was desperately hoping for … This shocking claim comes from a … But it … - by New Idea In a series of explosive developments, Queensland father Simon Charles Dorante-Day has launched an unprecedented new legal case against … Prince Charles and Camilla's secret son from teen romance: paternity case exposed Royal scandal! If Australian government executive Simon Dorante-Day can prove he is Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles secret love child, the Duchess of Cambridge will never be Queen. A guy claiming he’s Prince Charles and Camilla’s secret son has posted a picture as evidence to back up his story. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Claim that Prince Charles and Camilla have a love child.
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