First, let’s take a look at the conflict you are facing using the Stop-Think-Act model: 1. Thomas, K.W., and R.H. Kilmann identify five conflict management styles: 1. CONFLICT RESOLUTION WORKSHEET Think of a conflict you are in or have been in…. 1. The Stop! 3. There are situations where any would be appropriate. If it becomes clear that you and your partner will not agree, focus on a resolution instead. Review (watch or read) each scenario, and then answer the questions, below. Breathe. (2011) Conflict at Work Practice Guide – Zark Consltancy (2010) 32 Try to find a compromise that benefits both individuals. 5 Steps To Successful Conflict Resolution . 6. Disagreement is a normal part of a relationship. For example, if we are cut off driving to work, we may decide "avoidance" is the best option. Calm Down. This worksheet is designed to help you resolve conflict through use of effective communication. 5. None is these is "right" or "wrong". 8-Step Conflict Resolution Process Adapted from: Resolving Conflict Without Giving In or Giving Up STEP ONE: DEAL EFFECTIVELY WITH ANGER You can’t negotiate an agreement if you and/or the other person are too angry to think straight or acknowledge your feelings. Step One: Verify that a conflict … A Amicable Start out by saying something positive to the person in conflict and maintain friendly discourse throughout the discussion. Think about what you have learned and identify a conflict resolution technique … arise. Ask yourself if this disagreement really matters to … Who and what. This requires love, humility, and practicing the five steps that show the way to effectively managing conflict in your life. In conflict resolution, you must learn to work to achieve your goals, keep your cool while compromising, and work to maintain effective relationships. Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management (2010) Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Ury. Don't let the conflict manage you. The goal is to manage the conflict. Over time, people's conflict management styles tend to mesh, and a “right” way to solve conflict emerges. 4. Accommodating This is when you cooperate to a high-degree. What are your feelings? STABEN: The Six-Step Conflict Resolution Process S Source Identify the source of the conflict. Conflicts often lead to a negotiating process between you and other people. Use it to guide your actions in a way that produces a peaceful solution in time of disagreement. There is more information within the booklet but here is a quick guide to resolving conflict. T Time & Place Determine the appropriate time and place to discuss the source of the conflict. Conflict management skills are probably the hardest interpersonal skills to master constructively. In what way does the conflict affect you personally? Briefly describe the situation: 2. Other times "avoidance" may be a poor alternative. In what ways does the conflict affect the broader situation? by Erin Foord, OCDS . Work toward a resolution. Using the Tool: A Conflict Resolution Process Based on these approaches, a starting point for dealing with conflict is to identify the overriding conflict style employed by yourself, your team or your organization. What is your relationship to the people involved? Five Conflict Management Styles . Answering this questions results in the following five modes of conflict resolution. It may be at your own expense and actually work against your own goals, objectives, and … CONFLICT RESOLUTION: CASE STUDIES The following case studies match the scenarios in the online training. D:\My Documents\Websites\lead\library\resources\RESOURCES\Conflict Resolution\Conflict-Management Style.doc 1 Conflict-Management Style In this section you will have the opportunity to examine your own conflict-management style and techniques you tend to use in conflict situations, particularly under stress. The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace by Marick F. Masters and Robert Albright (2002). Quick guide to conflict resolution While it may be daunting to think about tackling conflict rather than ignoring it, you will feel much better if you create an opportunity for both of you to talk about what is happening.

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