fireplace are: We’ve gone into much more detail below on The best wall hanging electric fireplace is just beautiful and gives a bold design declaration in the room you have installed it. The things you need to consider when buying electric fireplace that delivers a great modern viewing experience. Some electric fireplaces for your wall will This fireplace has a black frame and the flame looks realistic. Gives the feeling of real heat from the real fireplace. The flame gives you the feeling of a real flame. This site is owned and operated by Fireplace Universe. With Regal Flame Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, you will enjoy bright and warm flames. You can read all of the reviews on the Allure electric fireplace right here. The LED flame looks like a normal light, nothing special about it. and orange color combinations and with a modern crystal ember bed for added If you want energy-saving electric fireplace than Pura Flame Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace is the best one. You can read all of the reviews on the Dimplex Synergy right here. Your email address will not be published. Freestanding fireplaces are perfect if your home has room to spare, while a wall mounted fireplace is ideal if space is limited. I created this website to help others learn about all types of fireplaces and how they can make the most of them. lights to add to the ambience and comes with a digital thermostat to keep your And the installation is difficulty free. To see the latest price on the Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information click here. Check the latest price and buy the Napoleon Alluravision Wall Mount Electric Fireplace here. Click here to see the latest price on the Hearth & Home SimpliFire Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information. 99 Which wall in your home the Filed Under: Home & Kitchen ››, Product Reviews, Your email address will not be published. The best wall mount electric fireplace is not only a great source of heat and warmth but also adds a taste of style to any room. This fireplace is electric and wall mounted. The real fireplace is costly and hassles to use. The flame technology is LED and low energy. control the fireplace using the accompanying remote. electric fireplace meaning that it’s using SpectraFire technology for realistic Regal Flame Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, best choice electric wall mount fireplace for you. This fireplace has a steel frame and strong glass. February 5, 2020 By Charlie Rose Leave a Comment. Northwest Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted, Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces, Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, Caesar Fireplace Caesar Luxury Linear Wall Mount. You will not have to deal with smoke or soot. It is modern in look and sleek in design. If you are new with this fireplace than you have to do some research before choosing one for your home. electrical outlet and you can use all its features straight away. This fireplace has a realistic flame that enhances the look of the fireplace. In this fireplace you can use pebbles and logs can be used for lighting. simply needs to be plugged into an electric outlet in your home and it’s ready It is easy and safe to use. This cheap electric fireplace is easy to insert and elegant with energy saving. when buying an electric fireplace to install on your wall, such as size, flame is a popular choice thanks to its sleek and modern design, as well as glass and If you want a warm heat source than you have to pick the most heat provider. For Top-Rated Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces | 2020. freestanding thanks to the included stand. Don’t place this fireplace near a TV. The glass is tempered and reflective. You have to pick up the perfect size electric fireplace for your wall. But all of them are not just perfect. Brand: NapoleonBTUs: 5000Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 60” Width 21.625” Height 5” Depth (60-inch)Wiring: Direct Wire or Plug KitMounting: Surface Mount or Fully Recessed, Other effect and ambience. after a certain period of time. Click here to see the latest price on the Napoleon Allure Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information. Depending on the model, some can also come It can also be fully recessed into a wall It is not easy to change the background light. heater and realistic flames using patented flame effect technology. Built-in safety thermal cut off to prevent overheating. The flames will give a real feeling. To see the latest price on the Touchstone Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information click here. As there are kinds of wall mount fireplace, here you will have all kind of information’s about best freestanding electric fireplace. Dimensions of this electric fireplace: 31.77”H x 47.24”W x 15.87”D. The fireplace has the backlight that allows you to change background colors. ember bed: logs, rocks or glass, and you can also place this fireplace on the but an optional plug can kit can be bought so that it can be plugged straight flames and heater from the remote. You can use the remote control to turn this The LED bulb color of this fireplace is red. electric fireplace will be installed on, and therefore what size of fireplace Decorations Wall Mounted Indoor Fireplaces Your Daily Decorations Wall Mounted Indoor Fireplaces Your Daily 9. This electric fireplace is portable and wall mounted. your wall mount electric fireplace include extended warranties or sound effect Table Of Contents hide. This fireplace is also easy You can also use no heat option when you don’t want warm temperature. See the latest price on the Muskoka Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information here. control, Infrared heater with up to 1000sqft There is LED fire and ice flame in this fireplace and there is a remote to control the temperature. come down to your preference for flame effects and ember bed looks. 5. You can set the timing in the range of 0.5 sec to 9 hours. The Napoleon 100 Allure Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is a stunning 100-inch slim profile linear electric fireplace that will create a focal point for any room. foot with a BTU of 52,00. Wall-mounted fireplaces. A fine collection of the top rated 10 wall-mounted electric fireplaces have been provided for your selection process, probably the most important thing you will do. GMHome wall mounted fireplace is an ideal choice for living room, bedroom, and office both for warmth and ambiance. All these functions can be controlled easily with the remote. There is 13 multi-color LED background and the flame brightness has 3 level adjustment. Buy now from Amazon. There is also the flame effect that can be used with heat or not. Because size really matters. various color effects, LED flame effects with Check the latest price and buy the Muskoka Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace here. traditional or ice blue colors. The Puraflame Alice has been specially designed to be one of the safest and most energy-efficient flush mount electric fireplaces on the market. If you want to be able to keep your room at Some users say it makes noise when it turns on. Other features such as Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Reviews. you can really make this fireplace your own. each of the best wall mounted electric fireplaces to help you decide which one The flame can be set in five settings that set the blaze option. can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. Review. Brand: NapoleonBTUs: 5000Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 62.5” Width 17.3” Height 4.25” Depth (60-inch)Wiring: Direct Wire or Plug KitMounting: Surface Mount / Fully RecessedOther Sizes: 42” / 50” / 74”, “Cozy and beautiful”“Operates easily”“Very easy to install”“Very striking”“Received numerous compliments”. If you want to make it the center of attraction, you have to pick the perfect size. This fireplace really helps to give a comfortable environment when it is snowing outside. log interchangeable beds. wall or partially or fully recessed. Heater. flames, and has side lights to help set the mood. The best wall mount electric fireplace heater reviews is a new addition to modern technology for the home. Brand: TouchstoneBTUs: 5118Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 50.4” Width 21.65” Height 5.55” Depth (36-inch)Wiring: Plug InMounting: Surface Mount, “Looks amazing”“Very easy to install”“Very nice design”“Great product”“Remote control for convenience”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sizes: 32” / 42” / 50” / 72” / 100”, “Easy to install”“Exactly what we wanted”“Gives the effect and warmth we were anticipating”“Very nice quality fireplace”“No complaints”“Gives the room a high end look”. is the right for you. You will get all the benefits of feeling warm and comfortable environment in cold night for this fireplace. The Black Ashford Regal Flame model is a picturesque 50-inch-wide electric fireplace designed to be mounted especially on the wall. Some fireplaces also allow you to change This stunning 60-inch linear electric the sleep timer function. Provides enough warm temperature to enjoy on cold nights. Its beautiful, pulsating flames simulate a real fire’s wavered and gleam to create an impression of a standard, authentic fire. It is easy to maintain than a real fireplace. Wall Mount Fireplace Heater: Final Thoughts. The 55” Dimplex Synergy Wall Mount Electric To get the perfect authentic feel of a real fireplace, this electric fireplace has crystal and faux logs to give that feeling. If you don’t need extra heat than no need to pick electric fireplace with extra items. You will feel there is a real fireplace in your home when you will install this fireplace in the home. Many of the different models of fireplace Many will have different color options for tabletop feature with the included base, as well as being hung on a wall or You can set the heat in 4 system and it can be controlled with a remote control. Tangkula 42 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, in-Wall & Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Adjustable Flame Color & Speed, Remote Control, Touch Screen, 750-1500W (42 Inches) 4.6 out of 5 stars 283 $239.99 $ 239 . The heat is really like and gives a warm and comfortable feeling. This electric fireplace is special for wood lovers. Enjoy warm and comfortable temperature in your room with Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace. If you are staying in a place where the temperature is really low fireplace could be the real problem solver. These types of electric fireplace are Dimplex IgniteXL 74-Inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace; Sierra Flame Wall Mount 72-Inch Electric Fireplace; Napoleon Allure Phantom 50-Inch Electric Fireplace; Simplifire Allusion 60-Inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace; … The Everstone TV Wall Mount could not be left out on the Best TV Mount for Over Fireplace. You can control the fireplace with the remote control just by clicking it. Because the heat needs to get away. flat-panel electronic fireplace with realistic logs. It is the big saver of natural gas or oil. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace for living room, 7. Awesome in design. There’s 3 options to choose from for your The five-level heat settings can be set from low to high. For innovative design, pure flame Wall Mounted Flat Panel Fireplace Heater is just perfect. electrical supply in order for the flame effects and heater to work. 8. Flame and heat settings are adjustable and can be controlled by a remote. included with the fireplace. The Prism is also available in 34-inch and 74-inch versions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It also has a powerful 1000sqft infrared Some also You can read all of the reviews on the SimpliFire electric fireplace right here. You can read all of the reviews on the Muskoka electric fireplace right here. Napoleon Plazmafire Vent- Free Wall Mount Natural-Gas Fireplace. The design of the Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mount Fireplace features a 2-in-1 style where it can be either wall-mounted or attached via its included base for a standing style. Then think about setting up the best wall mount electric fireplace. There are different modes to set the fireplace in your preferred time, atmosphere and temperature settings. For a modern home, this electric wall mount fireplace is a must-have piece. fireplaces will come with a remote control, but some will have more This Napoleon fireplace is just the ideal fireplace for modern homes with its easy to install process. They work best when mounted in lobbies, vestibules, entrance ways, or any area requiring high wattage heating. effects for which the brightness can also be adjusted. colors and more. the surface. While most electric wall heater manufacturers haven’t bothered about 3-D flame effects yet, Best Choice uses state of the art 3-D effects to make their flames even more lifelike. You will feel comfortable to use this fireplace. best fits. the integrated heater using the remote control included within this electric Don’t go for the look, just focus on quality, price, and function. You will find some fireplace comes with logs or pebbles to enhance the heat option. ice blue color. as wall as installed on the surface. This fireplace has 12 flame colors and 16 LED backlight colors. Find Wall-mount electric fireplaces at Lowe's today. a wall mount electric fireplace are: The number in the name of each wall come with heaters integrated into the units, meaning that you can enjoy the These reviews will help you to compare and check to get the best fireplace for your home. The glass is black and has multi-function LCD remote.It is portable and can be used as tabletop warmer. There is LED technology that produces heat. Provides the most comfortable heat atmosphere in cold chilling night. This fireplace will be safe, beautiful and hassle free when you will use them. The flame effect is fire and ice. To enjoy value, luxury and style in your home with an electric fireplace than use Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace in your home. All the heat settings can be adjusted with a remote and if the fireplace gets overheated, there is automatic shutoff system that shuts down the fireplace. The whole definition of the fireplace has changed earlier only wooden fireplaces was available but now you will see different types of wall mounted fires which can give your home best look. come with plugs. your mind about where you want to place it. Designed to be mounted on the wall, features include 2 heat settings, an adjustable flame effect and a handy remote control. Use the remote to control both the flames Your room will get heated even it is 400 feet. To change the lighting view, this fireplace has pebbles and log to use. The lively and beautiful flame is a perfect mimic of the gleam and wavers of an actual fire that creates the impression of authentic and standard fire. into your standard home electrical outlet. Wall mount electric fireplaces, also known standard where you can control both the flames and the integrated heater. fireplace on and off and you can have the flames on without the heat. But you have to remember one thing that you can’t place any furniture or flammable pieces near the fireplace, because of the heat. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces deliver warmth to take off the chill, even in large rooms. Furniture Interior Fireplace Surround Ideas Featured Furniture Interior Fireplace Surround Ideas Featured 11. It even comes with a remote control and The unit is outstanding in its heating performance. When choosing an electric fireplace for Brand: DimplexBTUs: 4231Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 42.9” Width 19.69” Height 6.04” Depth (43-inch)Wiring: Plug InMounting: Surface Mount / Freestanding, “Very attractive”“Very relaxing”“Pleasant ambience”“Highly recommended”“Very realistic flame”. Realistic patented flame effect You can control all the settings with a remote control. You can also check out what fireplaces and stoves I’m currently using here. It has an integrated fan heater, life-like can also find ones with coal or rock ember beds. To see the latest price on the Dimplex Wickson Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information click here. With AKDY 27" Electric Fireplace Freestanding Brown Wooden Mantel Firebox 3D Flame Heater you will enjoy the warm and cozy environment. Wall mount electric fireplaces don’t need You can change all the settings with a remote control. The warm environment can be controlled easily. You can’t use a real fireplace in your flat apartment as it needs logs to heat up flames and the smokes. The Elysium is another ClassicFlame There is an automatic shutoff safety sensor heater that is built in. A convenient touchpad on … You can set LED flame time range with the timer. fireplace. It can also be fully recessed into a wall You can read all of the reviews on the Miami electric fireplace right here. Consider your preferred design features, the look of the flames, and extra benefits. You can read all of the reviews on the Nicole electric fireplace right here. With this fireplace, you will enjoy comfort and style. sophisticated electric fireplace that can be partially or fully recessed into a Don’t keep flammable material near the heater. Therefore, investing in this product might be a great idea. an electrical outlet instead of directly wiring it in. Lighting a fire to enjoy warmth during a chilled winter creates a magical atmosphere. you ultra realistic flames, and has an integrated heater that can warm areas of The best overall wall mount electric fireplace that you can buy right now is the Dimplex Synergy. The cool thing is that you can change the flame color according to your mood and increase its beauty to the fullest. Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging - Electric Fireplace under $300, 2. flame effects and can warm your home at the same time. Brand: ClassicFlameBTUs: 5200Heating Area: 1000sqftDimensions: 36” Width 19.75” Height 5” Depth (36-inch)Wiring: Direct Wire or Plug KitMounting: Surface Mount / Partially Recessed / Freestanding, “Meets all expectations”“Heats area well”“Very attractive”“Mesmerizing realistic flames”“Soothing heat”“Sets the mood”. See what I use and my recommended tools here. Brand: DimplexBTUs: 4198Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 50.28” Width 19.45” Height 7.28” Depth (50-inch)Wiring: Direct Wire or Plug KitMounting: Surface Mount / Partially Recessed / Fully RecessedOther Sizes: 34” / 74”, “Love everything about it”“High end”“Beautiful fireplace”“Easy install”“Realistic flames”“Romantic and relaxing”. There is a timer in this fireplace by that can be set in your preferable timing. to be used. This fireplace gives a luxury look in your home. With the realistic flame, you will enjoy warm and décor. All the settings can be set with a remote control just sitting on the bad or couch. Even through they can be There’s also 4 flame brightness settings and 5 flame speeds so that Check the latest price and buy the Dimplex Wickson Wall Mount Electric Fireplace here. turn the heater and flames on and off, and can be installed on the surface of a In summary, the best wall mounted electric functionality than others. So you have to pick the best one for your home that will help to keep you warm and comfortable when it is very cold and give a modern look in the room where you place the fireplace on your wall. But this electric fireplace is effective and easy to use. Find out more about the Synergy fireplace and check the latest price here. install on the surface of your wall there’s a number to things you need to fire in your home without the unit taking up too much space. Comparison Table of Best Electric Fireplace: Buying Guide:Best Rated Wall Mount Electric Fireplace, 1. fireplace to go up on the wall of our spare bedroom, and so we’ve done a ton of The 50-inch Dimplex Prism is a modern and These electric fireplaces include a powerful fan-forced heater and warm rooms up to 400 square feet. Metropolitan 56 in. To see the latest price on the Napoleon Alluravision Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and find out more information, click here. meaning that you can keep your home at a constant temperature. You can use this fireplace as portable and wall mounted. As it has LED technology, so the use is less costly and energy effective. The flame effect is real and the background colors are very colorful. The Everstone TV Wall Mount can hold a maximum of 88 pounds. remote control, Acrylic glass ember bed with This fireplace is metal made and it has the glass front. flames while also being able to heat the room. PuraFlame Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace, 10. Yes now there is so many heating machines like radiators and heat fans and they provide great heat. The vent is on the front of the fireplace, so the hot air will blow from the front, not the top. 2. The Dynasty by Miami is a gorgeous white It can be surface mounted, partially All electrical fireplaces for your wall This Muskoka electric fireplace offers a curved glass screen for great viewing of the flames, which has 7 different color combinations to choose from. Wall-mounted heater technology keeps advancing each day, and the Best Choice wall-mount model could be said to be ahead of the others technologically. We’ve therefore also put together what you should consider a constant temperature then look for an electric fireplace with thermostatic heat control. Simply plug this fireplace into any nearby The flame color and bed color can be adjusted to bring a different look in your room. The fireplace is well built and easy to use. electric fireplace where you get a lot for your money. The unit It can be plugged in or hard-wired for your convenience. This cheap electric fireplace is easy to insert and elegant with energy saving. Brand: DimplexBTUs: 4163Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 34.19” Width 19.5” Height 7.14” Depth (34-inch)Wiring: Direct Wire or Plug KitMounting: Surface Mount / Partially Recessed / Fully Recessed, “Magnificent”“Glad I chose this model”“Heats up standard room quickly”“Fire looks real”“Nice options”“Very modern”. Brand: ClassicFlameBTUs: 4600Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 33.62” Width 18.7” Height 8.66” Depth (33-inch)Wiring: Plug-InMounting: Surface Mount / Freestanding, “Setting up easy”“Timer very handy”“More than enough heat”“Looks great”“Works well”“Great value”. Pick the best one and enjoy the cozy ambiance. It If you like to go for a multi-functional best buy wall mount electric fireplace than you have to raise your budget.You can choose the best one by considering your budget under $100, between $200 to $500 and so on. the included remote to control both the heater and flame effects, as well as its location. Brand: Hearth & HomeBTUs: 4800Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 58.25” Width 26.375” Height 6.25” Depth (58-inch)Wiring: Plug InMounting: Surface MountOther Sizes: 38” / 70” / 94”, “Breathtaking to look at”“Very relaxing”“Easy to set up and use”“Perfection”. It is an ancient practice to spend pleasant moments in front of a traditional fireplace. Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces In 2020. The Alluravision has a built-in 5000 BTU Check the latest price and buy the Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace here. Afraid of long cold nights? The fireplace gets hot when it is on, so you have to be careful while touching it. This unit features two heat settings and five flame settings. You can also enjoy the flames without the heater being on and you’re able to The SimpliFire is a slender and stunning fireplaces in this guide heat very similar areas and so there isn’t much of a To install the recessed one, you will need a professional one to install it. The glass is reflective and tempered, this glass let the fire look alive. Sometimes it stops working for no reason. flames with SpectraFire technology, LED sidelights, touch screen controls, and Can’t tolerate the cold? R.W.FLAME Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, 5. Your home will get a sophisticated look for this fireplace. Brand: MuskokaBTUs: 4600Heating Area: 400sqftDimensions: 36” Width 17.3” Height 8.7” Depth (36-inch)Wiring: Plug InMounting: Surface Mount / Freestanding, “Very realistic”“Great centerpiece ”“Great heat distribution”“Impressive array of options”“Exceeded expectations”. the flames, with the most common being a You can read all of the reviews on the Wickson electric fireplace right here. Xbeauty 36" Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted 1500W Fireplace Heater and Linear Fireplace with Timer/Multicolor Flames/Touch Screen/Remote Control Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 555 $189.99 $ 189 . will produce great looking flames, and so your choice of electric fireplace can To help you to decide to pick the best one, go through some best wall mounted ethanol fireplace reviews. You will feel that you have a real fireplace in your house. effects or heater on and off. Gives your room a different stylish look. It does not come with a medium heat setting like most contemporary fireplaces do which is the only drawback to this contemporary fireplace. Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2018 Northwest Wall Mounted LED Fire and Ice Flame Electric Fireplace. Others will comes as a direct wire unit research into them. difference between each model in terms of how much space they are able to heat.

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